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On 22 tot 24th of June the European Akhal Teke Championship will be held in RosiŔres-aux Salines in northeastern part of France. The championship is held in a joint collaboration between the Akal Teke France asscociation with ATHA. The championship is open to all purebred and part-bred (minimum 50% Teke blood) horses. There will be breeding classes and also riding classes (dressage and jumping)  to fully show the potential of the horses. For more information please consult the championships own website.
Venue 2018

On July 17th to 19th the 2015 International Akha-Teke Championships were held at Manege La Golette in Rendeux, Belgium. The event was blessed on friday and saturday with lots of sunshine and warm weather. In contrast on sunday the weather was poor with a slippery track due to the rain. But all akhal teke horses started in the endurance ride finished their races well.

The results of the championships are as follows:
Class 1, Young Stallions
1st place, Gerrus (Gapur x Akyly) Gerrus was alone but considered worthy of a 1st prize by the judges.

Class 2, Young mares
1st place Akbegul (Gumbet Shael x Kikvit)
2nd place Zolotaya Mechta (Salimrashid x Gidchi Shael)
3rd place Manyly (Ghlzai x Marischka)

Class 3 Stallions 6 yrs ands older
1st place Dahilly (Damask x Meksika)
2nd place Maksat (Melekush x Kaimak)
3rd place Kemsiz (Kuvvatli x Kichitorgai)

Class 4 Mares 6 yrs and older
1st place Starlette (Piazor x Damouchka)
2nd place Gulpamuk-Hanum (Gagur x Peikam)
3rd place Atiya (Taran x Alpara)

Class 5, Geldings
1st place Gyshgun (Gargantua x Gulchetai)
2nd place Guneshli (Kerzi x Gerda)
3rd place Salimrashid (Shaol x Sinekchi)

Class 6, Part-breds
1st place Astrachan (Daimir x Adria ox)
2nd place Volna Khan (Gargantua x Varna ox)
3rd place Gizlin (Polotlize x Gazli )

Best Mare: Akbegul
Best stallion: Maksat

Saddle Class:
1st place Astrachan
2nd place Dahilly
3rd place Kemsiz

Best of Show was awarded tot the young mare Akbegul owned by Simone Michels (Belgium)
ATHA Championships 2015 - Best of show Akbegul

You will also finds more information and photographs about this event on our special Facebook page!

On sunday the following horses took part and completed the endurance ride (CEN Rendeux II). The track is challenging with technical paths and hilly terrain.

Distance 20 km (23 starts):
Gizlin (part-bred) ridden by Ingmar Ranzijn - placed 13th - speed 10,71 km/h
Kemsiz ridden by Eva de Vries - placed 16th - speed 10,43 km/h

Distance 40 km (19 starts):
Aytalkim ridden by Marina Strumphler - hors concours - speed 13,86 km/hVolna Khan (part-bred) ridden by Kirsten van der Woord -  hors concours - speed 13,26 km/h
Gyshgun ridden by Michelle Schuijt - hors concours - speed 11,07 km/h

Distance 60 km (10 starts):
Astrachan (part-bred) ridden by Meyke Kalms - placed 2nd - speed 14,37 km/h
Atiya ridden by Oliver R÷ssler - placed 8th - speed 13,03 km/h


september 2014: Tekemania 2014 has been deliverd to the printer. Here a sneakpreview of the cover!
Tekemania 2014
It will be send to all our members. For non-members order a copy with this form.

26, 27 & 28 september 2014:
This year the third annual European Championship will be held in Gut Ising in southern Germany. This event will coincide with the 40th year anniversary of the Achal Tekkiner Z
chtern und Freunden e.V. Deutschland. There will be conformations shows for pure-bred akhal tekes and sports competitions for all akhal tekes (pure-bred en part-bred). Several judges will be present from Russia. For more information please consult the German Achal Tekkiner Verein.
Gut Ising 2014

12, 13 & 14 september 2014: Horse Event 2014 will be held in Deurne in The Netherlands. ATHA will be present with a stand in the breeders section. As a member of ATHA you can recieve a discount on the entrance tickets when you book online (make sure you mention your membership and the ATHA stand in the 'Fokkerijwereld').
Horse Event 2014

August 2014:
Michelle Schuijt with her gelding Gyshgun has been very succesfull in endurance this year. She finished her first CEI* in Ermelo (NL) early in may during a very tough ride in muddy and slippery comditions. She placed 6th with an admirable speed of 15,62 km/h. In august she completed her first 120 km ride in Lanaken (Belgium) amd came in 9th with an average speed of 14 km/h.
Gyshgun (Lanaken 2014 - 120 km)

december 2013: The new edition of Teke Mania is ready and send to all members. If you would like to order a copy, this is available for 10 euros (form).
Tekemania 2013

4-year old Kumar has been sold to Denmark. Congratulations tot the new owner mrs. L. Belhage. Kumar will start his endurance-career in 2014.

On march 14th Pascal was born in Denmark. Pascal is Anshlag's first offspring out of the mare Bifa. Pascal is for sale.
Please contact Rikke Wehner Rasmussen in Denmark (rikkewr@gmail.com).

Update june 2013: Pascal is sold to Charlotte Sěrensen in Denmark. 

Purebred filly Alatay Ozal is offered for sale. Please contact Lisa Belhage in Denmark (lisa@akhalteke.dk) for more information or click here.

Purebred gelding Anshlag is for sale. He is currently trained for dressage and jumping and is showing much promise. Please contact Rikke Wehner Rasmussen in Denmark (rikkewr@gmail.com) for more information or click here. Update june 2013: Anshlag is sold to Charlotte S
ěrensen in Denmark.

27-01-2013: Petra Maresova proposes to hold an Akhal Teke Sports event in the Czech Repblic at the famous racetrack Pardubice at the beginning of September. As no other association is planning a championship this year (and in 2012 there was none), we think it would be a good idea. We can promote this idea so we can not only show our horses in sport, but also have them assessed by MAAK judges:

Dear colleagues,

 Each year, first weekend in September, is organised big horse event in the Czech Republic, exhibition „Horses in Action“ at the famous racetrack in Pardubice. Our association traditionally takes part in this event and present our horses there.

I would like to offer the opportunity to come with your horses and present your breeding and association (we have a big association stand for this purpose). There are several possibilities of the presentation of horses and also we can organize a Teke race (not necessary on the „professional basis“, but the exhibition one). If there are enough horses, we can also organize a championship. The exhibition is popular, the number of visitors is between 15-18.000, so it is a really interesting place for promotion of our breed.

Stabling (together with bedding) and hay is for free during exhibition days, accommodation is available in nearby hotels or for less demanding ones in the association stand.

 If you are interested, don┤t hesitate to contact me for more information.

Best regards,

Petra Maresova

21-01-2013: The following horses have been added today: Alatay Ozal, Adygheya Ozal and Gyshgun.

20-01-2013: Pictures of members horses have been updated. The following horses have been added: Abaza and Dogan.

december 2012: The 2012 TEKE MANIA is out now! This 10th edition is send to the members now. If you would like to order a copy please use this form.
Tekemania 2012